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John Li D.C.

Dr. John Li has always had a heart of service and discovered that his passions were in health and science from a very young age. He graduated from University at Buffalo with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. He then completed his graduate studies at New York Chiropractic College.

After completing his residency out in Long Island, he came back to Brooklyn to open Compassion Chiropractic Office, a state of the art, neurologically-based health center where he integrated both Upper Cervical and Tonal approach to help clients restore full body function and provide a long term solution to their health. Dr. John has seen results with chiropractic for many difficult cases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, fibromyalgia, migraines, Alzheimer & Parkinson’s disease, infertility, painful/ irregular menstrual cycle, allergies, sinusitis, eczema, IBS, blood sugar imbalances, high blood pressure, weight loss, thyroid disorders, Lupus, arthritis, disc herniation, and the complex injuries from auto accidents.

Dr. John has extensive post-graduate training in nutrition, pediatrics, pregnancy, athletics, and overall family wellness promotion. He is certified in Webster's technique and his experience in working with pregnant women, infants, and children allow him to provide the highest quality of care. He also worked with children who had ADD/ADHD, autism, cerebral palsy, scoliosis, colic, ear infection, bed-wetting, acid reflux, and troubles in sleep and digestion. There is always hope at Compassion Chiropractic Office!

Dr. John’s passion is to educate and provide family wellness care to the New York metropolitan area through neurologically based chiropractic care so that babies, children, and adults can express their full potential of greater health. Dr. John is family-oriented and loves spending time with his beautiful wife, Michelle, and their son, Caleb. His mission has always been to serve God by serving people whether it be through their family’s activities or through the art and science of chiropractic. His desire is that those who are reading this would find hope and healing in a relationship with Jesus Christ!


  • Advanced Proficiency Certified in Torque Release Technique (T.R.T)
  • Advanced Proficiency Certified in Tonal Integrative Chiropractic ( T.I.C.)
  • Proficiency in Blair Upper Cervical
  • Proficiency in Chiropractic Biophysics ( CBP )
  • Webster Technique Certified
  • International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association Member
  • American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders certified Addictionologist (C.AD.)
  • New York Chiropractic Council Member

Clinic Director

Vicky Zhou

Meet Vicky, our clinic director. She has been with us since Jan 2019 and has been studying medicine for 4 years. Her addition has brought many new things to our office and she is happy to assist you with any scheduling problems or any questions you may have. She has witnessed many amazing recoveries during the time she’s been working along with Dr. Li.

“It always puts a smile on my face to see our clients improve over their course of adjustments. In my free time, I enjoy movies, books, and talk shows. Meeting new people and understanding life from a different perspective has been the most rewarding gift from this job!”

front desk coordinator

Crystal Yuen

Meet Crystal, our front desk coordinator. She is currently studying advertising and communications at St. John’s University. She will help new patients schedule their appointments and make sure each patient has a pleasant visit. During her free time, she prefers to be outdoors and exploring different parts of the city.

“Since I started working at Compassion Chiropractic Office, I have witnessed the attentiveness and care the team has for every individual here at our office. Working here has totally changed my perception on health and wellness.”

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