Phases of Degeneration in Brooklyn

There’s no health care profession that does a better job of educating the public about preventative care in Brooklyn than the dental profession. Most of us know the importance of regular cleanings and check-ups at their dentist’s office, even in the absence of any symptoms. However, we fail to understand that the same concept applies to our spine.

Our spine controls and coordinates every cell and organ of our body, which is far more important than our teeth. Taking care of your spine should be positioned far above taking care of your teeth. Therefore, we should be getting regular Chiropractic care to maintain our optimum spine and health.

Degeneration in Brooklyn

We are educated to brush our teeth every morning & night for our entire lives to keep the teeth healthy and functional. If not, we will have toothaches and eventually, dental surgery for an implant. The spine degenerates in the same fashion as the tooth. Both Tooth Decay and Spinal Degeneration have 4 stages. Once it progresses to Stage 4, there’s nothing the doctor can do except surgically remove the tooth and replace it with an implant.  

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Unlike your teeth, your spine cannot be replaced. If you don’t want your tooth to progress to Stage 4, you have to brush your teeth every morning & night. Similarly, if you don’t want your spine to progress to Stage 4, you have to get your spine & nervous system checked regularly!

Phase I Degeneration

The first phase of spinal degeneration is characterized by a loss of normal spinal curves, changes in spacing between the spinal discs. Surprisingly, there is usually no pain other than occasional minor discomfort.
However, without specific corrective chiropractic care, the spine will continue to misalign, which leads to Phase Two of Degeneration.

Chiropractic Brooklyn NY Phases of Degeneration

Phase II Degeneration

Phase II of spinal degeneration, you are likely to experience pain, aches, stress, and fatigue. There is a much higher degree of decay, bone spurs, disc narrowing, and postural changes are much worse due to the lack of normal joint movement. Decrease height and spinal canal narrowing or stenosis may occur.

Chiropractic Brooklyn NY Phases of Degeneration

This condition is prevalent in 80% of males and 76% of females by the age of 40. It is vital that these symptoms are not ignored, as chiropractic care during this phase can lead to significant improvement. Chiropractic care can help bring back near-normal functions, but the damage done to the discs and bones may be irreversible.

Phase III Degeneration

As degeneration progresses into Phase III, spinal fusion will begin. Disc damage, abnormal curvature, increased nerve damage, restriction of motion, and fusing of some vertebrae can become permanent during this phase, as the degeneration of the spine worsens.

Chiropractic Brooklyn NY Phases of Degeneration

Chiropractic care can still be incredibly beneficial as it can slow down the degeneration and remove some of the symptoms that the patients experience.

Phase IV Degeneration

Phase IV is the most advanced stage of subluxation degeneration. In the final stage of the four phases of subluxation degeneration, the patient's quality and longevity of life are decreased as well. Bone and neurological damage are permanent at this point, as the vertebrae become fused.

Chiropractic Brooklyn NY Phases of Degeneration

The range of motion in the patient can be seriously restricted and cause a number of health issues. This results from long term neglect of spinal subluxation.

However, there’s always hope with us. Through specific, corrective chiropractic care, patients may experience relief in other areas of the spine. With regular chiropractic treatment, you could be able to lessen your pain, improve function, and start enjoying life again.

If your spine is in misalignment for an extended period, you will experience poor spinal health, and your spine can enter into the various phases of spinal degeneration. This can result in more severe neurological miscommunications and related health problems. The sooner you begin chiropractic care and improve your spinal health, the better off you will be both short- and long-term.

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